Friday, November 15, 2013

Design Thinking 101

A basic overview of what is Design Thinking?

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Monday, October 28, 2013

DoggyBench by Victoria & Seraphina

A redesigned park bench, by a pet-lover, for pet-lovers

The Can by Benjamin & Yong Liang

A simple redesign that would extend the usability of the hawker centre seats.

Mimosa Table by Ravern & Laviin

A biomimicry-inspired bench design, from the mimosa plant.

Aerial Fountain by Bryan & Sean

A more ergonomically-designed water fountain. This proposed redesign adds an element of adjustment that would please all users, tall or taller!

FlipperSeat by Kevyn & Taufiq

Ever had problems finding a dry-seat at the bus stop after a heavy downpour. Well, this might just be the answer to that!

Poolside Chair by Ian and Yun Jing

A poolside chair design that could be used on both the beach and in the water? This design might just be the answer.