Monday, October 28, 2013

Wave-Bag Bench by Haady & Shaun

Ever had issues with those backless bus seats at bus shelters? This unique design might just change be the ones that everyone is looking for.

Bench@ION by Claire & Sai

Have you ever notice the snaky red-seats outside ION@Orchard Road? Think you could redesign it to make for a better user experience? Here's a look at a possible design change.

The CanopLeaf by Tiara, Adrian & Joanna

A leaf-inspired park bench that inspires one to be one with nature.

The SHELLter by Kellie and Sakshi

How about a shell-inspired design for your working tables? This design might just prove the table for all to use.

The Herbax by Joseph Lim and Koh Jin Wei

A redesigned platform seat, to alleviate the stress of an overcrowded MRT platform. This might just work, introducing the Herbax!

The Leaf Haven by Anshiqa, WenYu and Ezekiel

Uninspiring shelters at the East Coast Park. The Leaf Haven shelter design might just be the answer!